Sugar Skin brand philosophy is to provide women with happiness through pleasant emotions and sensations on the skin both day and night.


We don't create products - we create happiness, love and confidence!

Sugar Skin production is divided into 4 categories:

sleepwear, ready to wear / loungewear, lingerie and bridal garments.

Each category covers different target groups and needs of the customers - everyday essentials, luxury garments, loungewear, different styles and materials. And our very favourites - pieces that can be worn in the streets as much as at home.

The main common trend in each collection is naturalness. Styles - romantic, luxury, essentials and capsule wardrobe outfits. We create something for everyone!

*Hand made pieces produced in Europe by people working under good and fair conditions.

Sugar Skin is an evolving brand, and we take small steps everyday towards greener and environmentally friendlier brand. By reusing almost all of our material waste we strive to achieve a low-waste excellence.

A story behind: 

If you are reading this story, you are definitely interested in how it all started. My name is Airida and I am an artistic girl who loves to dream and even beyond - fulfill my dreams. My courage and curiosity has always been greater than my dreams - so I just tried to make them come true. 

It was 2015 when a person changed my life and allowed myself to fall in love again. I think a woman is never as beautiful in life as when she is in love, she just consumes herself with it and passes it on to the world. This was also the year my second sister was born - it was a very rich and harmonious year.

It was a hot mid-summer day and I wanted something free and comfortable to wear at home. In general, home is my favorite place on earth, so I always have a whole collection of home clothes in my closet - to me it seems even more important than those everyday clothes I wear out. I had an alternative vision, why can't I create it myself? That's it! That was the beginning.

The big whirlwind started for the next year, and in the summer of 2016, I opened a store, - with my first, small collection - Pure Sugar.

And here we are now - 2020 and I can no longer count collections, garments and days that I have with Sugar Skin. But what I can count are; the wonderful moments that give me strength, lessons, experience, and a great team that has become my second family over the years! And if you ask me for my greatest revelation over these years, I will tell you that within ambitions, dreams, vision and a great team - lies the greatest of all magic! But about my charming team - I'll tell you a little later.